The Sponsor –
Zhongshan Dasin Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Overview of the Sponsor

The Sponsor was established on 13 July 2001 in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, PRC and is a large-scale private enterprise. Over the past 21 years, the Sponsor has established itself as one of the leading developers in Zhongshan City, and has a strong reputation for its strength in commercial real estate development. In the short span of 14 years, the Sponsor had successfully developed and operated commercial and residential properties located throughout Zhongshan City, in different towns with different characteristics.

Since its inception, the Sponsor had developed, completed and is currently operating 10 retail malls, and currently also owns 10 assets which are undergoing development and reconstruction. In addition to these commercial projects, the Sponsor had also developed and is currently managing several residential real estate projects, a school and three hotels. Its principal business is focused on the development and management of real estate, including the development and operation of retail malls, hotels, educational facilities and residential properties.

The Sponsor holds a Grade 1 Real Estate Development Licence1 in PRC. It has also been awarded multiple national-level industry awards which include "China's Top 10 Commercial Real Estate Development Companies", "China's Top 10 Fastest Growing Commercial Real Estate Development Companies" and "China's Top 500 Real Estate Development Companies". These awards were awarded to the Sponsor for its strong property development and management capabilities.

The Sponsor is wholly-owned by the Zhang Vendors with Mr. Zhang Zhongming, Mr. Zhang Kaicheng and Mr. Zhang Jiucheng holding 25.0%, 37.5% and 37.5% of the interests respectively.

Track Record of the Sponsor

Since its inception in 2001, the Sponsor has established a strong presence and track record in its core business market of PRC. Some of the Sponsor's key activities in China include:

  1. Commercial Projects: Over the years since its inception, the Sponsor had expanded its scale of enterprise, and is currently one of the top 10 commercial real estate companies in PRC. The Sponsor was among the top 10 Chinese integrated commercial and real estate companies in 2016. Some of its major commercial projects include the ROFR Properties.
  2. Residential Projects: The Sponsor's philosophy has been to build livable residential projects. Its experience ranges from common residential estates to environmentally friendly residential projects. Till date, the Sponsor has developed a large number of high-quality residential estates, including the Dasin • Metro Garden, Dasin • Coast Garden and several residential districts such as the Dasin • Green Garden and the Dasin • E-Colour. The Sponsor also frequently organises activities for the residents living in its residential projects, such as Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations, sports meets and community cultural festivals. Such initiatives serve to create a harmonious relationship between the residents and the Sponsor.
  3. Diversified Developments: Other than developing and managing residential and commercial real estate projects, the Sponsor believes in creating an innovative business strategy modelled on a multi-industry business structure. Therefore, the Sponsor expanded into, amongst others, the technological, hospitality, F&B, microfinance and the education industries, as follows:
    • F&B: The Sponsor owns and operates a few restaurants, namely, Xin Xuan Tea House, Xin Xuan Restaurant and Dasin Seafood City;
    • Hospitality: In 2013, the Sponsor took over the former Shangri-La Hotel in Zhongshan and reconstructed it into the Dasin Convention Centre Hotel. In addition, the Sponsor also manages two other hotels, namely, the Dasin Holiday Inn Hotel and Dasin Crowne Plaza;
    • Technology: In June 2013, the Sponsor set up Zhongshan Dasin Pass Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., which then acquired the interests of Zhongshan Pass Smart Card Co., Ltd. at the end of 2013. Since then, the Sponsor began its involvement in the non-financial third party payment industry, which included the provision of online payment services and the usage of pre-paid cards, which had bolstered the Sponsor's retail mall business;
    • Education: In 2006, the Sponsor expanded into the education industry by setting up the Dasin Shiqi Central Primary School, which has since educated many primary school students and developed a substantial alumnus of students; and
    • Microfinance: The Sponsor also provides microfinancing in conjunction with Zhongshan Dasin Microfinance. The provision of these loan facilities are targeted at the small and medium enterprises in Zhongshan City.